Shield the guilt.

It is a proven fact that the people closest to you are most likely the ones who will used and manipulate you. Unfortunately, I am one – amongst many, who goes a long way of being fooled.

But I realized it’s better to be fooled than be the one fooling. It will hurt in a lot of ways. But the irony is that soft heart has an immense strength to handle the most hurtful situations. We should never let the world dictate us how to live our life. No matter how much they try to put us to shame or guilt. We are not entitled to do what they want us to do.

I feel like I’m constantly torn in making certain decisions because I always consider what other people might think. My judgments are always clouded because I align it with everyone else’s.

Thus, moving forward, I need to remind myself that I am capable of making my own choice, my own mistakes as this is mine to live.


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